Healthy Nails Are Well-Shaped Nails

Do you know the best way to shape your nails when manicuring to help protect them?  Rounded or oval-shaped nails are more prone to ingrown nails and chipping.  Instead, nails should be trimmed straight across with minimal curve at the edges (arc).

Quick Tips:

  • File nails in one direction to reduce shear forces, rather than using clippers or scissors.
  • Soak nails in water prior to trimming to soften them and help minimize cracking during trimming.
  • Using blades with blunt ends minimizes trauma to surrounding tissue.
  • Avoid using orange sticks to clean under the nails, as over time this can lift nails off the nail bed, which can become permanent.
  • Avoid aggressively cutting or pushing on the cuticles, which can lead to infection.

photos by: nightrose & cнєιѕєα.