Small Sun Exposure Adds Up!

Look at the right side of your face. Now the left. Now look at your left hand compared to your right. See a difference in the number of freckles or in the texture of your skin? It may be subtle, but many of us have a noticeable difference. Why? It’s from the time we spend every morning and afternoon, driving to and from work–the added UV exposure through the driver-side window (left side of the face) and through the windshield (driving hand). It adds up to quite a lot of sun exposure and ultimately premature aging of skin. In fact, the sun is responsible for 70% of skin aging! Many patients tell me they use sunblock when they’re out in the sun – but if you’re driving to work, or take a quick walk at lunchtime, you’re getting sun– and it’s the small amounts that add up.

And another tip. Don’t forget your part! When I was in college my hairstylist asked me why the skin on my hair part was so much darker than the rest of my scalp – she thought there was a problem. I’m glad she noticed because there was a problem – I wasn’t thinking about sun protection on my scalp and I always wore the same part. So, a couple strategies. If you can, switch your part. Wear hats. And use your spray sunblock on your part.

photo by: Baby’s In Black