Treat Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Daily I’m asked about treatments for dark circles under the eyes. And so I’m continually looking for and trying products to improve this condition. For many of us, products are enough to improve the appearance of dark circles. When these aren’t enough, there are some procedures I’ll cover in the future.

First, why do we get dark circles under our eyes?

There are a few causes. First, if someone has allergies or eczema, regular rubbing of the under eye skin can lead to thickening and darkness. Treating these underlying conditions can lead to a notable improvement. Second, and a common cause of under eye darkness comes from dilation of blood vessels under the skin. Because the eyelid skin is thin, we are able to see the change more readily – many of the creams and cosmetic procedures target this cause of under eye darkness. Third, some of us have a genetic tendency for the skin under the eye to darken.There are also temporary causes of puffiness and dark circles, such as lack of sleep or excess consumption of alcohol or salt.

Here are the products that I use to brighten, moisturize and reduce puffiness for my under eye skin. Overall, products with a bit of caffeine will produce a more immediate improvement in darkness and puffiness, by constricting small blood vessels under the eye. When I’m out and about, I may use a concealer on
top of one of these creams as well.

Teamine Eye Complex by Revision. This is one of my go-to products. I use it morning and night, and again if I redo my makeup before going out in the evening. It’s gentle and moisturizing. It contains green tea to help lighten the skin and reduce puffiness. Revision has recently created a concealer, which includes the benefits of the eye cream. It comes in light and medium (I use medium).

NIA24 Eye Repair Complex. This product helps with redness, darkness, puffiness, as well as fine lines. Niacin has anti- inflammatory properties, which can help with lightening the skin and improving puffiness over time.

I also like the Olay ProX eye cream, previously reviewed. Retinols can help with darkness over time by plumping the eyelid skin.